For simple development tasks, CommandBox provides an embedded development server which is easy to get started, however it is not suitable for running production servers. For those that wish to develop locally with a full VM that mirrors a normal production environemnt, Vagrant is a useful tool for this.

Vagrant simply wraps a VirtualBox VM and provides easy to use networking and file synchronization between a development environment and the VM. It also provides hooks for scripting automated setups of an environment.

A full features Vagrant setup example can be found here:

Sample Vagrant File

This vagrant file cane be used to configure a VM and install Lucee. This section does not go into the specific of using Vagrant, for that follow a Vagrant Tutorial. This vagrant file below uses a CentOS 6 VM and is not security hardended, it is only intended for development purposes. It installs Lucee, Apache and MySQL, which is a common configuration.

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