Extending Application.cfc

Because the Application.cfc is a regular component, it can extend any component to implement functionality. This is useful for building reusable frameworks or overriding behavior in subdirectories of a web application.

To have an Application extend another, use the extends attribute on the Application.cfc. Consider these files in a webroot:

Wherein this example, baseApp.cfc implements the functionality, and Application.cfc extends it:

If this application is run, it will output the text from the baseApp.cfc because it was the Application.cfc that extended it, and Applictation.cfc is run on every request:

This is my base component that applications can extend

Extending Application.cfc in parent folders

Sometimes it is necessary to extend another Application.cfc in a parent or root folder. Component extensions are pathed from the current directory, from the webroot, or from a mapping. For any other component (not named Application.cfc) this is not an issue. But when an Application.cfc is extending another Application.cfc, it can cause a stackoverflow error (because it thinks it is extending itself), since Lucee looks in the current direcotry for the component name.

Consider this directory structure:

If the Sub application wants to extend the root Application, it needs to prepend the extends attribute with a period. This tells Lucee to look at the webroot, and not the current directory, for the component.


component extends=".Application" {

    writeOutput("Output from /subfolder1/Application.cfc <br />");



component {

    writeOutput("Output from /Application.cfc <br />");


if the /subfolder1/Application.cfc nievely had component extends="Application" without the period, then Lucee will try to have the Application.cfc extend itself, and this will lead to an irrecoverable error.

When running this web application and going to /subfolder1/index.cfm, it will output the following:

Output from /Application.cfc 
Output from /subfolder1/Application.cfc

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