Relational databases are the core of most enterprise applications. However, when you map a relational database to objects, it becomes a challenge. Object relational mapping (ORM) is a programming framework that allows you to define a mapping between application object model and the relational database.

In an object model, the application objects are not aware of the database structure. Objects have properties and references to other objects. Databases consist of tables with columns that maybe related to other tables. ORM provides a bridge between the relational database and the object model.

By using ORM, you can access and update data entirely using the object model of an application. ORM provides features such as:

  • Database vendor independence
  • Caching
  • Concurrency
  • Performance optimization
  • Introducing ColdFusion ORM
  • Architecture
  • Configure ORM
  • Define ORM mapping
  • Working with objects
  • Using queries
  • Transaction and concurrency
  • Performance optimization
  • ORM session management
  • Event Handling in CFC
  • Autogenerating database schema
  • Support for multiple data sources for ORM

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