An Application in Lucee is any code running within the context of a single Application.cfc. Usually there is one Application.cfc per website, and thus one application, however it is possible to have multiple Application.cfc's per website.

guard assertion

A check at the beginning of the function that some condition occurs, otherwise throw an error.

isomorphic javascript

An application in which the views can be rendered server side or in javascript. This speeds up the initial page load and subsequent changes can replace fragments of the page.


A setting in the Application.cfc that tells Lucee how to include templates and import components

Request Scope

A variable Scope which only exists for the life of a single HTTP request. Once the request is finished, Lucee deletes the variables.


A Tag is a primary part of the Lucee language and allows for building output in Templates.


Lucee files with the extension .cfm which are used to render HTML and other output

User Defined Functions

Functions written in Lucee which are not closures.

implicit constructor

The constructor area of a component between the opening component { statement, and any functions. The implicit constructor is used to define variables and setup code that must run on every invocation of the component.

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