CentOS (Generic)

The following commands will setup a basic Lucee installation on a CentOS 6 server with Lucee, Apache and MySQL

Install Apache

yum -y install httpd

Install MySQL

yum -y install mysql-server

Install the latest version of Lucee, grab the latest linux installer from Lucee Downloads

wget http://d8yjolse1mixx.cloudfront.net/downloader.cfm/id/143/file/lucee-

Give permissions to execute the installer

chmod 755 lucee-

Execute the installer, it will ask you a series of prompts. Usually the defaults are sufficient.


If you are scripting your installation, there are additional settings that can be helpful

./lucee- --mode unattended --railopass 123456

This command will install Lucee with all of the default configuration options, bypassing the prompts, and will set a password for the admin of 123456

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