Lucee has lists which are strings with a delimiter (default is a comma). Lists can only contain strings (and they are a string themselves), so use an Array to contain complex data types. Lists are not real objects in Lucee, and are simply strings that contain a delimiter. As such, any string can be a list that has a delimiter other than a zero length string.

All of the list functions precide with "list" in their name. This is to differentiate list functions from string functions, because lists are also strings. So "my,list".len(); returns 7, while "my,list".listLen() returns 2

See the available List functions under the string methods

Create a List

To create a list, create a string with a delimiter. The default delimiter for list functions is a comma, but any delimiter is possible.

Looping over Lists

If the list is comma separated (which is the default delimiter) it is possible to use a for loop:

If the list is not comma separated, convert to commas first with the listChangeDelims() function:

List to Array

Though it is possible to loop over lists and perform operations on lists, it can sometimes be cleaner code to convert to an array first.

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