Lucee Server

Welcome to Lucee, a dynamic scripting language for building web applications, APIs and microservices. This Book will help you get started building applications with Lucee.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is primarily written for developers familiar with web application development in the major languages (PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, etc). For aspiring web developers, there are some Tutorials that are targeted for them.

What is Lucee good for?

Lucee is a server side technology designed for building full stack HTML & Javascript web applications, REST applications, microservics and CLI applications. It has an extensive standard library and many included services, such that if you are building a web based application, Lucee contains most of what you need without having to track down additional 3rd party libraries.

What is Lucee not good for?

Lucee cannot be used for creating native mobile applications and generally is not suitable for desktop applications because it requires running the Lucee server. Although, Lucee is a great choice for your mobile application backend.

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